Trapped in Death

I facilitated a session recently with a woman who had severe panic attacks. In the last couple years we have chipped away at many of the issues. The panic seemed directly related to the trauma that she has experienced in past lives. It is not an elusive intangible. There is a direct proportion between panic and the Akashic (past life) images she carried. The images didn’t need to be conscious to cause a reaction to them.

When she recently had another bout of panic, I was curious what was to come next. Some of her unconscious memories have been pretty horrific for me to be privy to. So I was curious what I would perceive on her behalf next.

What was uncovered is something that I sense is more common than people may realize. I personally have experienced dying during wartime and, when I should have crossed over, I stayed with the body. I wondered why my fellow soldiers were just stepping over me without helping me. I didn’t realize to them I was dead.

My client has struggled many lifetimes with conventional beliefs. To her, the concept of heaven and hell didn’t make sense. She had no emotional connection to heaven and a cynical resistance to the belief system. In her records she held the memory of dying but because she did not believe in heaven, she stayed with the body. In her psyche she was trapped in a coffin.

The astral world looks a lot like the physical world, and when one crosses over, it feels as solid and real as the physical world. In her experiences, she was in her astral body but felt that she was still in the physical body. I do not even know how long she stayed trapped in that belief system before the experience played out and she shifted. But it was the source of the terror that was seeping into her present life.

To counter these fears, I gave her some techniques and visualizations to teach her how to leave her body while she is still in the physical body so that she knows she will be able to get out when it is time to cross over. Some people call this soul travel or astral projection. We also went to the ‘her’ that is trapped in the coffin and we visualized helping to pull her out and to cross over.

If anyone is suffering with panic attacks, I suggest they look for similar clues that will help free themselves. What they need to know is that it may be caused by something from the past that doesn’t need to be part of their present.

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