Tonight, I am a Tree


This was an amazing session…brought into experience the ‘surface love’ and experience I have had with trees in the past.. Many of the Fantasy Books I have read (especially Stephen Donaldson) has shown me the sensitivity of the trees..and the Forestals. I know & express Honor; yes, Respect, yes, Care and Comfort and appreciation for their calm, yes…but tonite, I AM a Tree; loving and respecting and nourishing all of humanity. I feel their support…truly know how support feels after Group session with Jen Ward & the Group. Would love for you to join us,.,, sessions with sound healing. There is nothing to hide any longer. Seeking the Truth brings it into form. And why would we seek anything BUT the Truth and the Honesty of Divine Life,. Haven’t we had enough of the lies?

Love and Hugs…for Trees and Humans!


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