To Release the Effects of a Full Moon

There is a reason that we feel agitated when there is a full moon. It is like the gravitational pull of the moon on our bodies gathers up all the angst and agitation that we so carefully store through denial and suppression. It gathers it up into one emotional lump so it can be released. It is the similar to squeezing a tube of toothpaste to gather it together.

Many humans have lost the connection between their emotions and their physical well-being. If they were more equipped to release their emotional angst, there would be less dis-ease in the body. Here is a technique to deal with the emotional anxiety and anger that the full moon reveals.

We usually try to avoid the emotional angst, but in contemplation we feel it. See it as a huge pile that is stored somewhere in your psyche. See it as stored in a barn somewhere on your inner property. If it is easier to imagine, see it in the garage. See it as filling the whole barn or garage piled up to the ceiling.

Visualize opening up the doors of the garage or barn. Open them up on all sides to expose the stock pile of emotional issues. Visualize the wind coming through and blowing them all away. Breathe deeply as the wind comes in and flushes the room clean. See how that alleviates the angst in the body. Remember to do this every time there is agitation so that it never needs to fill the whole barn or garage again.

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