Tiny Bubbles Technique

You know how two soap bubbles will meet and become a bigger bubble? That is how I see people. I see them as a clear portal to any reality that they believe in. When two people come together in agreement, they make a bigger portal for what they agree upon. That is why groups want followers; so they can have people to make the portal of what they believe bigger.


Visualize all the establishments of the world as big bubbles. Some of them are off white and some are dirty gray. Visualize popping all the big dirty bubbles and see all the silt fall out and transform to light. See the big bubble transformed into a mass of tiny, clean bubbles.

Visualize the whole world immersed in suds. Go through and pop all the suds until all the earth is cleansed of them and all the bubbles are individual ones, happy and pristine. See the earth shining luminescent through a glow of perfectly formed happy little bubbles.

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