Thinking for Yourself

There are endless ways to feel fulfilled and enthusiastic about life. None of them come from watching the news, listening to others’ problems, or talking about the corruption in the world. It can’t be done by “fixing” anything. That is a mindset. The concept of fixing is in the same wheel house as control, and uses the same apparatus that was used to make the problems. The mind does not hold the answers. If it did we would live in the perfect society.

Everyone generates energy. It is a byproduct of who we are. Our thoughts, feelings and actions are all forms of energy. When we have thoughts that are fueled by emotions, they are energetically exponential. That is what passion, patriotism, and war cries are all about. They carry more energetic girth than thoughts or emotions separately.

Experts have studied and know this. That is why political parties whip us into a frenzy and point us to the other side. They know how to push the right buttons to use our energy as fuel for their causes. The political and socio-economic subjects are all about using people as energy pawns. The only way out is to either become so exhausted that there is nothing left to give, or to become wise to the game and just bow out.

Some people who are still caught up in the game will try to pull those who have wised up back in. They will poke them with a bunch of emotional issues just to get a rise from them. You will be able to see how some respond to this, and be able to point them out. But honestly, it is not worth it. The energy that we use to prop up and perpetuate various power agendas could be used live an exemplary life.

Fear is used to displace people from their joy, knock them off their center, and create a reactionary impulse in them. So much damage is done by those in fear mode. In explaining this concept, people will assume that the opposite is complacency. But no…being centered is where we draw our wisdom and insight from. The more we react, the more we create the energetic back and forth that is part of the problem.

It is in our center that truth and reality can be questioned. When given any information, ask, “Who has something to gain if I believe this?” If there is something to gain then there is an agenda. The agenda is usually not about living a dynamic life, but one of control. Test out this theory on any subject. Think of a popular opinion and trace it to the person or group who will gain if you believe this. You will be teaching yourself to think for yourself and will gain huge insights into the workings of society.

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