The Unwitting Ghost

I got a nudge to go to an estate sale one day. I had no idea why. It was out of the blue. It was a very hectic and chaotic sale. There were people everywhere and I was very flustered.

To escape the confusion, I went upstairs to the master bedroom. I sensed a presence there with me. She was very, very upset. She had just crossed over but was not aware of it. She didn’t know why everyone was in her house and taking her belongings. She was devastated.

I sat down on her bed and even though the whole house was full of people, this room was not occupied. It was as if there was a bubble created so that I could communicate with her. I visualized sitting her down and very gently I told her that she had crossed over.

I thought she would be sad but she was not. She did not react to the information with anything but relief. She was now really happy, as if she had instantly changed gears. She was now grateful for the awareness. I sat with her a bit and showed her the light. It was very pleasantly received and she walked into it.

When I was leaving, she told me that she wanted me to have a gift. It was in the basement. I went into the basement and there was a leather white rocker that was very special to here that she wanted me to have. It wasn’t able to buy it that day because it was an antique that someone else wanted. But it was the thought that counted. It is always nice when one’s help is appreciated.

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