The Ungrateful Exchange

I once helped a psychic who was having troubles. She said she couldn’t afford the sessions so I was giving her assistance for free. On one hand she would tell me she bought this and bought that, but then remembered she wasn’t paying me so she caught herself and started to tell me how poor she was.

I realized that by me helping her for free, it kept her stuck with her story that she was a victim. I didn’t like that she felt she had to validate it for me. I wanted to help her, not hear her defend all the reasons that she was in poverty. This was not helping her.

When she did readings with people, she was storing all their issues into her body. She was compacted with all their stagnant energy and they felt better. It was overwhelming how much stagnant energy was storing and I did what I could to release it..

But then she did something that was on the unconscious level very deliberate. She started talking non stop without a breadth and dumping all the energy that I didn’t release yet directly into my dan tien (below the navel). I told her to stop and stop and stop. She refused until she was empty and felt great. I was angry.

On some level she was aware of what she had done. She violated my boundaries. she knew that she was dumping on me. Because of her, I stopped doing sessions for free and I stopped listening to people’s problems.

Talking about problems is doing to others what this woman did to me. There is a more responsible way to release the weight of them.. Not by unloading them on kind, unwitting people. Also it is spiritual law that one must pay for everything they receive. If one is not able to pay in some way, they are creating more of a victim consciousness for themselves; which actually hurts them.

Even true gratitude is a form of reciprocation. But true gratitude is subjective. One can sometimes say they are grateful many times but if their energy does not resonate gratitude, then words are moot.

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