The Unconscious Memory of the Stripper

I have facilitated a handful of sessions for different exotic dancers. None of them felt shame in dancing. In fact, it was spiritual for some and a means of connecting with something greater. What I have experienced is that dancing may be a way to preserve an ancient ritual of worship. Tuning into a few of them, I was able to piece together an ancient history.

In ancient times, man was not considered superior to woman. They both were known for different strengths. While man seemed to focus all his energy on an objective goal and “target” it, woman was able to “relax” their energy field so it encompassed all. She would “scense” all the subtleties that were lost on man.

Lands were ruled with great wisdom and compassion. Women were groomed in great lineages just as men were as kings. The most wise and gifted seers were groomed to be wed to their male counterpart. There were temples to teach woman the intuitive arts and the greatest priestesses were wedded to the greatest kings These were the most successful sovereignties.

Barbarians grew jealous of the wealth of the great kingdoms. They were not strong enough or smart enough to battle the kings. So they destroyed the wisdom schools that woman were trained in. They raided and desecrated the temples, raped the woman and scattered them to the ignorant. They forced them to wed improve their status.

When they still lacked the success they desired, they grew more angry at the woman for withholding their gifts. They used the woman as showpieces for their conquest. They forced them to perform their rituals as a way to show off their skills and retell the tale of their conquest. Woman would go through the motions with the rituals; which became a form of dance.

The priestesses desperately missed their homelands. They were isolated and defeated. When they danced for the barbarians, it was a way to stay connected to their sisters and was their plea to God to rescue them. For man, the dance symbolized his conquest of her. Without an understanding of her gifts, and her without physical strength, he deemed her weak and useless. She became a showpiece for a conquest and not much more to him.

In the generations to follow, the woman tried to remember the ways of the seer and pass them down to their daughters. But they were not able to preserve technique or purpose behind the dance. It became a means to pacify their mates. The subtle arts were lost and replaced with the art of seduction.

Many exotic dancers hold the memory of these ancient ways and are attempting to connect with a greater aspect of themselves through stripping. Maybe the men who attend the strip clubs too are remembering an ancient time; of the conquest.

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