The Unalienable Right to be Born into Love


If you have a child and wish merely that they be happy, you are setting them up to be takers. You are using your children to fulfill your need to give. This is selfish and short-sighted. We see evidence of this all over the world and are at the mercy of it.

If you have a child and instill in them the intention to be happy by sharing their gifts and giving to others, then you have done a service to humanity. To procreate merely to fulfill the desire of a petty God is short-sighted at best.

All children deserve to be gestated and raised in an environment of love an acceptance. If you are not capable, then you should not be forced, coerced or shamed into afflicting your lack on the world in the embodiment of the next generation. Doing this is the true sin. Doing this is the true abomination. Doing this is the true crime against humanity.

I was forced to be born into a loveless home and world by an immoral decree. It took all my resilience to absorb any bread crumbs of love that were strewn around. I am the exception I believe. I have side stepped fifteen pedophiles and have endured endless humiliations and abuse. It is a cold existence coming into a world where there is no warmth or acceptance of you, How dare outsiders who are ignorant of spiritual law thrust that fate on so many. If I was not here, I would be somewhere else where perhaps there was some love for me.

Yes and I hear the arguments you want to give of how special I am because of the tragedy of a loveless life. But that is not the point. The point is condemning new souls to be born in hostile homes because of the misguided belief that terminating a life is murder.

I have many vivid memories of dying and living again. So do many others. To be beholden to a law that says otherwise is not separation of church and state. It is dictatorship of the church. Their only recourse in control is crying victim. It is funny how every abuser that I have known justifies the abuse by crying victim. It is a natural ploy of abuse. This is now being done on a systemic level when it comes to forcing women to have babies. The ignorance is so ensconced that those immersed in it are not able to reason beyond their own indoctrination. The women impregnated in poverty is not the perpetrator, she is the victim of circumstance.

Unless we make a loving place for every soul venturing into the physical realm, we are subjecting them to an apathetic life of poverty, crime and demoralization. Why is it so easy to accept young people on the brink of adulthood murdering themselves and others out of desperation to be loved and valued than in is to accept a termination of a pregnancy. The hypocrisy is mind-boggling. If all the energy that was use to demonize woman who aren’t capable of providing for a new life; was used to assist those who were already here, then progress would be made.

There are people suffering and dying on the other side of the world who simply are looking for a home. If we weren’t so hell-bent as a group on people having unwanted babies, then perhaps there would be more room for those who are already here in the world. They wouldn’t have to be locked up in containment camps like criminals. What does a petty God say about that? As a group are we really loving each others or using them as a number? Do we care about every soul or are we glamorizing babies for their potential? There is so much untapped potential in the world that apathy is just about bursting at the seams.

We need to wake up and start discerning for ourselves and stop mindlessly perpetuating and living by the rhetoric that was fed to us. If this message makes you angry, then that is on you. That means that you are incapable of discerning truth for yourself. You should be mad at that and not at the message. It is time for society to take responsibility for the conditions that they have created and stop demonizing those who envision a better life for all.

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