The Timeless "I am"


IMG_2011.JPGI am the sinner
I am the saint
I am the canvas
I am the paint

I am a rocket
Also its Spire
I am the tinder
I am the fire

I am every experience
There possibly could be
I am the forest
I am each tree

I am all secrets
Carried upon the wind
I ride each new wave
As I watch them rescind

I am the echo
The tremble of each leaf
I exemplify each truth
Emotion, belief

I get inside you
You get inside me
We are together
Everything that can be

We are the whisper
The reckoning of each truth
The salty old wise one
The arrogance of youth

We crack our pods open
in this seedbed of life
We blurt out each wonder
We lament every strife

We are humanity
Coming to a head
The young virgin bride
Being led to her bed

We’ll awaken disheveled
With new knowing eyes
Truth will be naked
To our glorious surprise

We’ll know the id
of our lonely desires
Was a prompting to greet
What now transpires

The introduction of love
In an expansive new way
We are now bonded in purpose
In the dawn of each day.

Jen Ward 4/27/16

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shelley wilson
April 28, 2017 at 6:00 pm

yes we are ! Beautiful Jen….

April 28, 2017 at 6:03 pm

Thank you for responding. I am going to be sharing the meat of my writings here so people can easily find it in one place. Please spread the word. They can even message me to receive a daily mailing of it

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