The Stream or the Well

There is a choice that we all make. We have access to two resources. One is a stream and one is a well.

The stream seems more convenient. It is effortless to access. As a matter of fact, it takes some discipline to not step into it when going about ones day. But the stream is poison. It makes people feel inadequate and unworthy. It compels them to gossip, focus on problems, complain and feel unworthy. But for some reason, the majority drink from this stream and try to pull others into the stream as well. They think because everyone else is drinking from it, that they are supposed to also. It is the stream of mass consciousness.

The good news is that we all have access to our own private well. It is nurturing and life-sustaining. It awakens us to our purpose and empowers us to our own infinite possibilities. It fills us with gratitude and connects us to the source and to all others.

The trick is that it is so easy to access the stream of consciousness but the well is accessed by each individual in their own way. Some use prayer, some use meditation, exercise, positive affirmation or visualizations or contemplation. But people who have never even tasted their own well tell others that they have to do to access their own. Or some people who have figured out the path to their own well, think that is the path for others to take to their own well. These people are still stepping in the stream.

Anyone who truly drinks of the well, knows that all that matters is that people get to their own well. Any Spiritual adept or world savior or enlightened being merely shows others how to drink from their own well. Whatever else it is believed that they desire is a lie told by people drinking from the stream. But from their opinions, judgements and citing second-hand information without an understanding, it is obvious that they don’t know.

People who truly drink from the well are insightful, resourceful and can be content under any outer situation. They may not indulge in overt acts of sympathy or engage in some social habits because they know this is a trap to pull them back into the stream. They may not reach out to everyone in the stream because they realize that it takes some individual initiative for others to pull themselves out of the stream. But if one is ready, they will make their own strides and no one can stop them from climbing from the stream and drinking from their well.

We all need to drink daily. My intention for you is that you find your own well.

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