The Spiritual Physiology of Having a Tragic Existence

John Upledger discovered a new modality when he was in medical school. A surgeon he was assisting asked him to hold down a part of the spinal column during surgery. When he tried, it repelled from his touch. It had this ingrained mechanism that had an aversion to human touch.

From this he realized that if he put both hands on different sides of the head both sides of the spinal column would work to repel his touch. The spinal cord’s aversion to his touch on both sides created a hydraulic pump-action in the spinal fluid. It circulated through the spine and up into the brain cavity.

He created an internal fountain which flowed into the brain; it stretched out that sac around the brain which brought many good changes to the body. This is how cranial sacral therapy works. The bones in the skull are not fused but separate and by stretching out the brain sac, it creates more fluidity in the bones of the skull; which manifests as more flexibility for the whole body, mind continuum.

A realization came to me during a session. We are like the spinal column. We see pain and derision everywhere. We are ridiculed, scorned, defiled and taught to trust no one. We see the abuse of power every where. So much so, that we withdraw into ourselves. We pool up our love within ourselves and keep our own company. When someone approaches to take from us one more time, we have an aversion to them. They are like the hands on the head. In our attempt to avert all, the love pooled within us all outflows beyond the physical realms. It creates fluidity in the whole energy system. In our pain, and aversion to the conformity, it opens up our heart, opens up the mind, opens up the individual to their true potential as a spiritual being.


It is a spiritual survival tool to outflow all our gifts and our talents. The pain in our lives cause us to feel like a failure in the small sense so that we can achieve are greatness on a larger scale. I believe it is the 101 of life. No one is really isolated by their pain. They are isolated in the belief that they are the only one whom is feeling such depths. This depth is the necessary norm.

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