The Spiritual Law of Unity

The Spiritual Laws are as exacting as the law of gravity. They don’t work only sometimes or when you understand them. They are always in play and running the universe. The Law of Attraction doesn’t just work when you intentionally want to manifest a dream come true. It is always working to attract what you put attention on. So if you are saying unkind, discouraging things about your life, that is what you may inadvertently be attracting. That is why it is so important to train yourself to think and say positive things, so you are only manifesting positive things.

That is why people who complain about world issues are using the Law of Attraction to create more of the same, or worse issues. When I put only positive things about the world “out there”, people start to argue with me. They tell me I am wrong and naive. They don’t realize that I am adamantly adhering to the Spiritual Law of Attraction to create only a better scenario for all. When they argue with me, they are pouring their energy into manifesting the thing that they don’t want. They believe I am naive. It is them.

This happens with world affairs, politics, health issues, and abundance. It happens on all fronts. Instead of adding one ounce of energy to negative scenarios, I will disengage people and even block them. I strongly respect the Spiritual Laws in doing this.

The Spiritual Law of Unity states that when more than one person is in agreement with an outcome, their agreement enhances and fuels the outcome exponentially. One plus one does not equal two, one plus one equals an exponential result. The Spiritual Law of Unity is exacted in a negative way when individuals are incited into a cause. The powers-that-be utilize the Law of Unity to win wars, elections, football games, popularity contests, etcetera. This Spiritual Law has been used to bastardize truth is so many ways.

It is what we see taking place in the current gun issue in America. The factions that sell guns have incited such a passion for them that the thought of NOT carrying guns is unheard of, and an unthinkable sacred cow in America. We all sit back and watch innocent lives be snuffed out without recourse because the Spiritual Law of Unity influences American gun owners and those afraid of losing personal freedoms. It is a hard nut to crack.

There is a Spiritual Law that supersedes all other Spiritual Laws. It is the Law of Love. The Law of Love trumps all other laws because love is our true nature and true essence. What I do in my posts, my work, and my life, is encourage everyone to trump all power plays in the world. The Spiritual Law of Unity in conjunction with the Spiritual Law of Love accomplishes this. The beauty is that love knows what love is, and can’t be bastardized by anyone trying to harness it for their own purpose. The message stays clear and the directive to dissipate power’s grip stays pure. Because the sanctity of the purpose is self-cleaning and if anyone turns from love to power, even myself, they will be centrifuged out, and the intention will stay pure.

In the name of all that is pure, holy, and sacred, it is important to come into agreement for a higher purpose. To do so, we invoke the empowerment of the Law of Unity combined with the Spiritual Law of Love to hold firm the stance of a loving earth. Compassion for all, enlightenment, transcendence, and universal higher purpose is how we create a better reality here. We have all been trained to be complacent. Even those on the path of highest truth have been taught that this is as good as it gets. But no! That is the spiritual test. Do you agree with what you have been told by an outside source, or do you trust your innate nature that tells you that this world can do better and be better? I will trust my inner directive every time.

Listen to your heart. Listen to your gut. Speak YOUR truth. Question the source of your truth. Dig deeper for a deeper meaning. Challenge everything you have been told. Ask yourself, “Who benefits if I subscribe to this truth?” Question every authority. Match up everything that you hear, see, or believe with the resonance of your own heart. Be the captain of your own ship. Sail into the heart of love by addressing all nagging suspicions that you have veered off course. Forgo blindly following others. Your empowerment is at stake. This is your freedom to win and your enlightenment to realize. Use the Law of Love and the Law of Unity to assist all others to this threshold. I will do the same. I love you all in Unity, Light, Song, and Merriment. Let the self-empowerment commence.

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