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The Spiritual Law of Non Interference

When people pray, they are mixing a personal intention with Universal Energies. It is important to discriminate what is right prayer? If it is to influence another’s God given free will, then it violates the Spiritual Law of Noninterference.  All prayer should only be done to uplift the individual and not as a subtle form of control.

Even though done as a gesture of Love, it’s not okay to interfere with someone’s personal relationship with God. I experienced this in a past life when I was a boy dying of influenza.  It was my time to go; I knew it in my heart.  I was ready for my journey.  My parents in their love for me and devotion, prayed for me to live.  I suffered a long time before I was able to win my battle to cross over.  The pain of that was so ingrained that it showed up as a conscious memory in this life.

When we pray, sometimes we put the power outside of ourselves, when it is always within us. It is a way of influencing others without taking responsibility. This is a dichotomy. It’s not a challenge to anyone’s belief system. God does answer prayers. But God is listening from within. So it is important to listen to what our heart tells us instead of what the little self wants.

Why are some prayers answered and some are not? The individual is always given an answer but sometimes they don’t like what it is. The forces of the Universe are always working and striving to give you the best and the most wonderful experience of existence. Then why are people so unhappy an unfulfilled? Maybe they are not accepting of what is in their spiritual best interest.  In a big game where everyone is praying to win, maybe the team that doesn’t win, gains valuable lessons that are more sustaining than a fleeting moment of victory.

People are always bracing themselves against inevitable experiences. But it’s part of the texture of living to experience losing.  Who doesn’t have a memory of losing that first love or the death of a pet or loved one?   Even making the journey to the other side is a huge spiritual journey. If people could know in their hearts that they will still exist after they cross over, they could be more at ease with the process of living.

Not acknowledging the Spiritual Law of Non Interference makes a mess of this world. We are trying to control what is God’s business.  Humans mix their will with Universal Energies and confuse every issue.  They make a mental and moral issue out of things that are best governed by the heart. The Universe could straighten itself out very quickly if man would stop trying to do the work of God. Our limited human consciousness is not equipped to handle all the world issues.

If Spiritual Laws were taught, then everyone would govern themselves.  It sounds Pollyanna, but can you imagine how much peace would be gained if everyone was able to lay down a fraction of their defenses and fights, and put that energy towards governing their own actions? The world could take a collective sigh.

It demonstrates a level of spiritual maturity to develop a state of detachment.  Detachment is a way to accept the outcome as in the best interest of all as apposed to expecting ego gratification. In speaking for God, “Let Thy will be done”. The world would be far less messed up if humans could accept that there is no such thing as loss, death is just a transition, and there is a higher power working in the daily mechanisms of every single particle of existence.

There’s a technique I use when ever anyone asks me to pray for something. I just inwardly give detached Love in the matter and ask that the Universal best for all prevail. I give love to all involved without trying to put my opinion in the mix. I can’t possibly know, with my limited awareness, what is  best for all.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to live in a world where judgment was suspended and each person trusted the workings of God within their fellow man. This is the world I chose as much as possible to live in while I’m here.

5 comments to The Spiritual Law of Non Interference

  • The Green M&M

    I get it. “Let Go, Let GOD”. My Dad used to say: Nothing matters. It would hurt my feelings because I was operating from the “EVERYTHING Matters” mindset. When I got older I understood what he meant. Exactly as Auntjen has said. Don’t sweat your life because in the end things will always work out as they are meant to.

  • Thank you Jen for this insightful reminder. Learning to let go and allow the highest outcome to prevail is a tough lesson, especially when our loved ones are involved.

    Love and blessings,

  • Thanks you Green M&M. I appreciate your insights.


    It is my pleasure Lisa. Thanks for reading and if I have helped in any way, then I am happy. I send you Love.

  • I v enjoyed,the subject that you choosed shall be studied at schools to let children learn how to live better and let others live.

  • Thank you Fariborz for your comment.