The Spiritual Law of Non Interference

Spiritual Laws are as exacting as the law of gravity. Many are over looked but none as far reaching as The Spiritual Law of Non-Interference. Simply stated, this law means that one does not interfere in the Spiritual affairs of others. Everyone is on their own unique path of complete understanding of truth; it is sacred and to be respected. This is an exacting law considering that every iota of an individual’s life is their

Let it be

spiritual affairs.

If everyone adhered to the Law of non-Interference, there would be no arguments, no subversive attempts to manipulate, no war. Everyone would focus on their own purpose and spiritual journey instead of trying to influence others. Nobody would have to devote their time to praying for others. They would trust that the other person was learning the lessons that they need for their own spiritual growth. There would be more going within to understand one’s own lessons instead of trying to teach others theirs.

When you take away your own limitations and fears of what life holds for yourself, you will feel less need to save others to reassure yourself. Isn’t life eternal? Isn’t everyone innately loved? If you really adhere to these beliefs then the only other factor to consider is your own compassion and empathy to lend your experiences to someone who asks. And that is the key: one who asks. If you are trying to help someone who hasn’t asked on some level, then it becomes a subtle form of coercion.

I do release Healing for others. That is a form of interfering in their life. It relieves them of their burden so that they can center themselves and gain some balance. It is always a moral judgment for me when to assist. I don’t help everyone. That would exhaust me and be useless. How do I decide who to help? I am present and when someone approaches me for assistance I get a sense about it. I am always listening to what I am supposed to do. I am always tuned into the greater flow of life to know what is best for me and them.

To be empowered and present is to always be mindful of when the ego tries to go on automatic pilot. It is a constant vigil. I never pray for anyone. To do so implies that I want to interfere with their contract with Life. I will send them Love with the intent they recognize the blessings that they are being inundated with.

I don’t have opinions on issues. I watch the currents of lessons between others and am fascinated when they don’t see the obvious. If I get the nudge to share an insight from experience, I offer it and if they contradict me, then they have decided that they know best and I withdraw. If they are receptive, then I tell them more. Their nudge in that moment is that there is something of truth being offered or not. The more receptive they are, the more of my experience I can share with them. And the world goes round either way.

Awareness is just a matter of surrendering. Awareness is being so exhausted by the ego’s attempts to be omnipotent that it relents enough to allow a little more truth in. Pain is a wonderful motivator. I feel bad when I have helped alleviate someone’s pain and they haven’t quite realized it’s spiritual purpose. This is when I need to take myself back and remember the Spiritual Law of non-interference. Not to worry. Everyone has every opportunity for spiritual growth; even myself. All is well.