The Spiritual Law of Love

Spiritual laws run the Universe. They are exacting as the law of gravity. Gravity doesn’t just work sometimes; it works all the time. The Law of Attraction is a real spiritual law not just for gaining things but as exacting as gravity in attracting our reality to us.

There are other spiritual laws as well. The Law of Reversed Effort says that the harder you try to do something, the more difficult it will be. You see this one play out in achieving goals, and in dating, where someone tries too much, and it becomes a turn-off.

The Law of Unity says that two parts added together in agreement make up more than the sum of its parts. One plus one does not equal two; they equal something exponential. A recipe is a great example; eggs, milk, flour and sugar become something greater when combined. They become cake.

The Law of Karma is about energy flow. As everything is composed of energy, the Law of Karma simply balances energies. People put attributes of revenge on it, but it is not like that at all.

There is a belief, or fear if you will, that people shouldn’t heal others because they will take on their karma. I have been chided about this by so many “aware” people, and yet I have the abilities to help them. So I have been brought to realize that the Law of Karma, or the balancing of energy only happens if two things are at the same vantage point.

The Law of Love is at a different vantage point than the other spiritual laws. It is almost like love, pure love, raises one’s vantage point above reproach from the other spiritual laws. I do not take on the issues of anyone that I work with because I don’t put myself at their vantage point.

There are conscious ways I do this. I stay detached, never getting emotional about their issues. I stay alert to always keeping my personal realm out of the dynamics, by never talking about me or sharing personal information. I never need, want, or ask anything emotionally from the client. The exchange is one-sided. That is why payment is so important; to maintain this professional distance yet have a fair energetic exchange between the two. It is a way to prevent a karmic backlash from giving more than is received. If I “felt” invalidated, it would be a form of coming out of the law of love. In this case, self-love.

I stay in the Law of Love by never seeking outside advice or waiver from truth. It is about tuning in with such a depth of understanding that no one can tell me otherwise. That is unless I am instructed from within to listen to them and regard their input. Truth can come through another, but usually not through facts, and definitely not through opinions.

These are parts of the disciplines that I have acquired to stay in the Law of Love. They started out in life as defenses, and may seem like defensiveness to those looking with exterior eyes. But they are a deep, consistent practice of tuning in and transcending the other spiritual laws through the Law of Love as much as possible.

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