The Spell Has Been Broken



The fossil fuel monopoly is How the oligarchies plan to dissect the World into their personal markets. The whole reason that the conservatives don’t believe in climate change is because they have been manipulated by Billionaires who use God and the bible to keep people ignorant to the fact that THEY WANT the icecaps to melt so they can harvest untapped resources under the ground there. You can tell if any group has been tainted by greed or manipulated by greed if they believe that there is no Climate change. Either they directly benefit, are in the pocket of someone who directly benefits or are easily manipulated by propaganda or rhetoric by those who benefit.

All the technologies of all the great thinkers has been bought up by billionaires so that we don’t benefit from what is possible. I never realized where global warming fit into this until watching the news recently and seeing the interest that both Donald Trump and Russia has in drilling under the Arctic, now that the icecaps are melting. I just thought the billionaires were indifferent to whether crops could grow because when the world became too scorched for natural growing seasons, they could swoop in like heroes with their GMO’s and save the day… They are much more sinister and selfish than that. They want to rape the land of all natural resources as well.

A couple short years ago this kind of talk would seem like conspiracy theory gibberish. But thanks to Donald Trump, we are all too savvy to overlook the possibilities. We seem to be sitting by and watching it happen. But those who are doing the taps I post on my page realize that we are energetically addressing the takers on subtle level that they have tried so desperately to keep us ignorant of.  The taps I post and the energy work I do is working in accordance with such truth as is depicted in this Trailer on the movie Thrive.

When I watch the news, truth opens up to me of what is happening on subtle levels; even on sinister levels. As so many people are wondering….why Trump? What is going on. Truth opened up to me and it was chilling. Putin is working with China to dismantle America. Putin has Trump in is pocket like a stooge. Trump is playing his part. Putin manipulated the Syrian attack and told Trump what to do to put distance between them. But Trump is just a dupe like Carter Page. It is actually the American Billionaires that are working with the Russian Oligarchy Billionaires to dismantle America so that the world can be ran by the Oligarchies of the world; undivided by country divides.

Putin was the black magician Rasputin in a past life.  Rasputin is the one who took the healing arts and convinced the world that they were all evil. He is the one who imbued the future incarnation of himself with such psychic and manipulative powers. Only a person with the understanding of the skills of Rasputin could remove the spell he put on people in his future incarnation as Putin. This as been the source of Putin’s power. Not in this lifetime, but in his lifetime as Rasputin.

I am the reincarnation of Madame Blavatsky.  When I was much younger, I was told that I was her but did not want to believe it because she was so homely. A couple years back I was holding her image next to mine and my cousin’s; who was looking at them; jaw dropped. The likeness is uncanny. My ability to be prolific in writing is further evidence. Many people have had their own personal revelations of me being her. They will be drawn to her, and find me; not realizing why until they understand the connection.

I have evolved into owning an incredible ability that lay hidden under a real miserable life. Every time I was brought to a dynamic healer, they would tell me the same thing. Although I had no money to pay, they were instructed by their Guides to do everything in their power to assist me in getting empowered. I am empowered. I went through enlightenment over nine years ago when I was held in captivity. It was orchestrated on some level. Since then, I have been living as a recluse, like a monk, writing prolifically different ways to help people find their own empowerment. Waiting until I was strong enough to be seen as the empowered being I have become. The time is now. The world needs us all to gain our empowerment and stop playing the victim. The stakes are too high.

The Guides have been giving me a means to teach people how to quickly and efficiently regain their empowerment through a tapping protocol they  have instructed me to put together. It is called SFT; and stands for Spiritual Freedom Technique. Because that is what it truly is. So many have already gained empowerment through using the taps. The protocol is a series of affirmations done while tapping the brain and then the chest while repeating. It works because the tapping instructs the brain to give the statement first priority in manifesting what the conscious mind commands. That is the beauty of the brain that humans just cant seem to realize. The brain will manifest everything we tell it; to the letter. We just have been programmed to tell it such negative things to manifest, which it obliges.

A group of dynamic people have gotten together with me to do a series of tapping protocols to benefit humanity. We have addressed many psychic forms of manipulation that most people would have thought ridiculous a short time ago. But through the  stripping off the psychic layers of manipulation; through the tapping; that humanity has been immersed in, more and more people are awake enough to discern the truth.

A couple of things worth noting about the tapping protocol. I assist all individuals and groups with creating the great shift they feel in doing the taps.  I assist in dissipating the stagnant energy that is a by product.  Also, the taps are designed for individuals to withdraw all their energy from groups that have stripped them of their empowerment. These are the groups that have used it as a building block to limit, beguile or even rape humanity in some way.  It is no different than the conservatives being used as numbers to keep Trump able to do dismantle civil liberties. But in a couple of generations, after people become accustomed to tapping to maintain their center, tapping will no longer be necessary. Future generations will simply understand the power of their intentions and the importance of the vibration of their words and even thoughts.

Another really important thing to know to reassure people, is that I formulated a set of taps that has been used to strip Rasputin of his ability to control people. We have dismantled the energetic power source to Putin’s reign. The world is being put back on track for individual empowerment and freedom.  It took a dynamic Energy worker to dissipate all the energy of the black magician. Now, hopefully, the world can awake from the stupor and accept the truth in the trailer on the movie THRIVE.  Now they can accept their part and realize how important it is that they hold space for a higher vibration on the planet. It can be done simple by taking in the information that is presented here and accept the truth that has been here all along for us to partake of .

Power, greed; and the spell that had us worshiping monetary wealth has been broken. It is time for you to hold a higher vibration in your atoms. It is ridiculous at this point to deny to do so. Please watch the trailer below.


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