The Solution to all “Need” and “Want”

People use the words “need” and “want” in their vocabulary without realizing the words themselves take them away from their center. Think about it. If you are in need, that means that you are lacking something vital to your survival. Need is a pretty strong statement.

When you use “want”, you have a strong desire for something. This desire can take you away from your center just as effectively as need can; maybe more so.

The brain is paying attention to everything you say. It is like an obedient slave to your every whim. If you say you are in need, the brain will manifest that experience for you. If you say you are in want, the brain makes that the reality too. Think of it if you must, as a magic genie of your thoughts, and beliefs.

If you focus on being in pain or victimized, the brain will give you more of that experience because i t believes that is what you want. Those who focus on illness, get more of it to focus on. If you focus on Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom, Health, Success and Wholeness; those will be your mainstay.

So instead of needing or wanting anything, send out a strong intention to “have”. Instead of needing more sleep, intend to be completely rested and energized. Instead of needing more money, set out an intention to be abundant in every way. It is a more productive means to manifest your desired results.

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