The Service Industry

Recently I was walking through the local supermarket, which to me is a very spiritual place. I saw all the workers interacting with each other as a small community. There were people of each gender, all ages and races, interacting with the common goal of tending to the needs of the shoppers.

In the deli department, I saw a teen boy playfully interacting with someone who could be his mother. It felt like he was getting a need met at work that he wasn’t maybe getting at home. That is how I felt about my first jobs in the service industry.

It is such a rich opportunity for the youth of all ages to be part of a like-minded, like-hearted group of people. It shows the different ways people do things, and helps people get a different understanding of others.

Some of my happiest times were of being a waitress. I got to walk up to absolute strangers and get a glimpse into their interactions…it was so entertaining. It made me love people even more. It was a priceless field study on humanity. So tiring, but so rewarding.

If anyone is feeling alone, depressed, unloved, or undervalued, I highly recommend a humble job in the service industry. It creates a place of interacting with others giving service to life. It may be very healing on many levels.

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