The Return of Goober Marie

When I was a child, our family dog had a litter of ten puppies. I fell in love with one of them. I picked her out of the bunch and just poured all my Love into her. I was under the impression that I would be allowed to keep her. This was just a lie to make it easier to deal with me. My parents called the dog pound soon enough to unceremoniously take all the pups and their mother away except Goober Marie.

I named her Goober because she looked like a little peanut and Marie so people would know she was a girl. I assumed I was going to get to keep Goober Marie. This would finally be evidence that I mattered. But alas, the family came that was to adopt Goober Marie. It had all been worked out without my knowing. I was devastated. The couple who adopted her sent a picture when she was older. She was so goofy looking that the image stayed with me.

When I returned from a horrific ordeal five years back, I knew I needed a dog in my life to Love and to heal. My guides told me that it was a very specific dog. I tried all these rescue sites and nothing panned out. Then I asked my friend if she knew of anyone who was looking to find a home for a dog. She in fact, had a dog that wasn’t working out with her family. I could adopt it.Simha, previously known as Goober Marie

When I saw her, I thought she had such a goofy face. It registered as familiar. When I let her lay on the bed, she laid in this pose that I had seen before. She was in the exact position and looked exactly the same as Goober Marie had in the photo I had seen of her. That is why I had to see that when I was a child, so I could better recognize my Goober Marie when she came back to me years later. Her name now is Simha and she is loved and appreciated beyond all measures. Our love could not be denied. We were together again!

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