The Purpose of Conflict

Last spring I had the fortune to facilitate a private remote session with a very devout Jewish client. It is always wonderful to be able to connect with the energies of different faiths. I don’t know anything about the teachings of Judaism, only what I learn from facilitating sessions. Since I have been working with this client, I have gained a respect for their teachings.

I know now that Judaism is a very ethical teaching. When there is something so enlightened, it is difficult to anchor it upon earth. The realization that came through for me, was that conflict was a self-regulating way to keep the vibrations of this teaching on earth. In fact, I saw the history of Judaism on earth as a meandering river. The time periods where it offered the most enlightenment to the world, were the ones where there was the most conflict surrounding the teachings and the people. The suffering they endured was a byproduct of the conflict, that was an anchor.

The vibrations of the earth have been so coarse that the only way to keep such a highly enlightened awareness on the earth is to either keep it from the masses in little secret societies or to use conflict as a weight to balance out the ethereal aspect of it. There is a stereotypical idea that the Jewish Faith that has to do with martyrdom. But as I have gained an understanding of this from an energetic vantage point, I can see how noble this Faith is, and how these people serve humanity.

In the session yesterday, I saw my client as the embodiment of her faith. I saw all the conflicts and struggles as bands of energy within her body. We untangled them from her. It was almost as if we were releasing the angst and struggle that the Jewish people had to deal with merely to survive on the planet and allowed them to flow out. It felt like what we were doing was something very sacred and something that, if it was done many years ago, would have been documented in one of their books. The timing somehow felt like a window where, what we did needed to be done right then.

It wasn’t until afterwards I was told it was the first day of passover, one of Judaism’s sacred holidays. Also, that the night was the night of a blood full moon.
As we were completing the session, the clouds moved in very quickly, and the downpour came. It seemed like a very gratifying rain, one of balance and respect being restored.

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