The Proper Way to Fall

I took a good spill on black ice last winter. I was lying on my back like a bowling pin on its side, and reflecting on the spill. People are not instructed in the proper way to react after a fall. There is an effective protocol.

Most people when they fall react instantaneously. This is very jarring on the psyche. The reaction creates much confusion for the body. Falls are a quick way to release stagnant energy. When one gets up too quickly, they interfere with the release and tend to hold on the surface what was stored deep within a moment ago. Instead of getting up immediately, one should lie where they are and let the energy that falling unhinged, emanate out. Stay on the ground as long as that takes. Sometimes the fall will elicit embarrassment or feelings of helplessness. These are deep issues that are releasing. One would do best to allow them to pass through with no judgment.

As I lay on the ground, I was reconfiguring my own energetic alignment. This cannot be rushed. One must lay there until their energy feels calm and non reactive. It can be a Zen moment. Sometimes, after a fall, I feel more solid and whole. By staying non-reactive, the body can be more calm and centered. There may be sprains or even fractures but their extremity will be lessened by taking a completely accepting stance in that moment and allowing energy to dissipate as it will.

When we finally do get up, we can go for the quick feel-good fix of getting attention for our fall. We can even go into blame or victim mode and try to hold someone accountable. The problem with doing this is that the more we hold someone accountable, the more we have to leave our centered stance to convince others we are hurt, injured, damaged….that we are a victim.

After the fall, I was in pain. My left shoulder felt sprained and my left hip was bruised. But somehow, it felt like something in me was trying to correct itself. It felt like the Universe was trying to put something back into position that an earlier accident pulled out. Isn’t this what a chiropractor does? I felt more deeply grounded than ever.

Please don’t give me sympathy for the fall. That is not my intention of sharing. Sympathy is such a low level of vibration that it will actually lower my vibratory rate, which hinders my healing if I accept it. Let’s always just share the love and learning.

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