The Problem with Truth

The Problem with truth is that it originates in a pure state of Love and Freedom. This state is beyond the mind, emotions, physical experience and all memory of existence. It is the Mecca, the Nirvana that all religions allude to.

We interpret truth, though at every level of consciousness. It is as subjective as our experiences themselves. The human associates being right with being closer to truth. The more people feel that they are right, the more advanced they feel over others in the game of life.

People want to be right. If others agree with their truth, they interpret that as superiority. People want to jockey for position with their truth and are ruthless sometimes in diminishing others. Have you ever watched two babies play? Their rules for conduct are different from adults. And so it is with every level of awareness.

The “truth” of the matter is. Everybody is right in their interpretation and expression of truth. No one holds the absolute answers for any one else. And the kindest thing to do is to allow people to live and express  their truth without invalidating it in any way. People may continue to diminish others because that is their truth. People may try to rally for your agreement with their truth, but at some point, the path becomes narrow and it becomes a solitary journey.

By forgoing the need to agree with others’ truth, I am staying in my own. By allowing them to express their truth, I am using my energy and gifts for a higher purpose; that of keeping myself inspired for my journey to the heart of truth. I forgo fueling other groups or individual’s agenda and forgo risking distraction from my original path.

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