The Problem with Birthdays

There is a coping mechanism that very kind people use. They have learned to just keep pouring love out to everyone. By doing so, it prevents them from going into a reflective state. I call it out flowing. I see it like a water hose of love. And just like the pure power of a fireman’s hose prevents anyone from getting near them, so it is true with this force of Love for the individual. The stronger the Love flow, the more one is protected by the force and purity of that love alone.

When birthdays come around, we are asked to take the love in. It is good if one is able to keep up the flow of their “hose” while they do this. But what happens to some people is that when birthdays come around, it causes them to turn off their outflow. It makes them vulnerable. It can manifest as sadness and depression.

Just knowing this dynamic may help people keep out-flowing during the anniversary of their birth. Some of us don’t have the greatest memory of birthdays. Going through the motions of celebrating may be a means of knocking us off our game. Figure out a way to celebrate you by celebrating others. It may be something silly and ridiculous. But it is about keeping your hose flowing during this time.

How about making the day about serving others. Buy your friends unbirthday gifts or give them unbirthday cards. Take a friend out to an unbirthday lunch. Or choose that day to volunteer with the under privileged. By staying in your center that day, you will be giving yourself the best gift possible. As a further gift to yourself, decide to spread your birthday goodwill over the other 364 days and vow to celebrate them all as your special day.

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