The Potential of Understanding Past Lives

3rd of july 010

I wonder how mental health practice would change if society universally subscribed to understanding of past lives and how they bleed through to the present life. Instead of thinking so many people are delusional, it would be understood that past experiences are affecting their present one. Instead of medicating so many people, they would figure out a way to draw down the curtain between the past and present and allow the patient to focus on just getting through this lifetime without dealing with a barrage of lifetimes at once.

Clients who are clinically depressed or unable to function, would have the luxury of being understood as having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that carried over from another lifetime. It is traumatic to die or live a horrific death. It is nearly impossible for someone to live a non eventful life here without acknowledging a death or trauma from the past.

The argument that reincarnation is not in the bible does not cut it. It WAS in the bible until the dark ages when references to it were systematically taken out. But there were hints of it not removed. John the Baptist talked about the great soul that was coming back. As a child I loved finding the clues to Reincarnation in the teachings.

It seems that the world should have reached more of a maturation point in some of its understandings. When I was four, I figured out that purgatory was coming back and doing it again. If a four-year old can figure it out, then maybe it isn’t such a leap of faith. Oh yeah wait, “they” renounced purgatory at some point. Maybe they realized that other people could come to the same conclusions that I did, as a four year old.

Maybe Pope Francis will really shock everyone and proclaim reincarnation the law of the land. Then maybe all these rich industrialists will realize that the air they pollute, will be the same air they will be sucking up one day in a new body. As it stands now, these filthy rich companies believe that they will be breathing the pristine air of heaven when generations to come are gasping for life. If Pope Francis can acknowledge global warming, perhaps he can break the glass ceiling of limitations that now exist for self-responsibility and accountability. Instead of living high off the hog on the dime of someone else, billionaires can realize that they have the same set of standards to live by as everyone else because they could possibly come back as paupers.

It isn’t a difficult stretch. People are remembering their past lives. Where do you think innate fears and talents come from? Why are people so different that are born from the same two parents? What makes us so extremely complicated and unpredictable? What is love at first sight? Why would a Nordic woman pass herself off as African-American unless it is an experience that she felt more comfortable having in the past?

We have all had such different past experiences that it is difficult to corral the masses anymore. Perhaps acknowledging our diversity in past lives will be a stepping stone to accepting diversity in the present life.

Those who have an understanding of reincarnation have an edge of being more receptive and accepting in general. How can this not be a good thing for society? The only people who have a problem with reincarnation are those who are vested in an establishment or idea that would be challenged if they were to embrace such an optimistic view-point. But also, there are those that have had such horrific past lives that they prefer them to stay buried under systemic layers of denial.

If anyone is wondering, I have a GREAT relationship with Jesus Christ. He loves that I challenge the established way of thinking and subjugating people under a limited belief system. He equivocates it with himself taking on the tax collectors. So I am fine with my relationship with him. What else matters? I prefer the true connection with him rather than subscribing to the rhetoric that has been attributed to him. He is very proud of my courage and that makes him protect and support me even more. Perhaps if someone is trying to connect more strongly with him on an intimate level, they should connect with their own sense of Jesus instead of a second-hand assessment of who he is and what he stands for.

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