The Persuasion of Thoughts

I learned a while ago that I perceive energy. I am able to see things sometimes more clearly than others can. Not only do I see the energy exchanges between people, I perceive the streams of energy that make up the soup of the social current that we are immersed in.

By questioning every whim and thought that comes to me, I know when something is introduced to me from a place of truth or from mass manipulation that tries to sweep me along by engaging my interests. As I sit here and write, I am hit by a strong desire to go shopping. I hate shopping in general.
The thoughts pull in things that do intrigue me, like going for a car ride. I am again hit with strong positive inclinations to go to the local popular buying club. There is nothing that I want or need there, yet I am compelled with the incessant thought that, it would be fun to go shopping.

I now understand this thought is not my own.. It is being introduced to me in a way that feels like my idea, but I know it is not. I am not certain if the source of this strong thought wants me to occupy my energies in shopping as a distraction from pressing concerns in world affairs. Or if it is merely a strong inclination to shop, pumped into the mass consciousness. Maybe thoughts are as easily manipulated as the desire to buy coffee or baked goods simply by the aromas pumped out of the perspective shops.

So if you suddenly have a desire to go shopping, you may want to challenge it. Ask yourself why you want to shop. Ask yourself what about shopping is so enticing. Ask yourself how is it going to add to your quality of life. It may be that a thought is being introduced to your amygdala through osmosis. If phones can transfer information without engaging, there is no reason that thoughts can not either.

Maybe the whole purpose for questioning and challenging issues is to keep your brain engaged in a setting that prevents others from programming it through osmosis. If you have never thought of this, maybe your brain is on the wrong setting.

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