The Other Side of the Door

Anything that happens short of an emergency, can be handled better from a non-reactive state. Unless there is a need to react immediately for safety, all else could be an unnecessary wear and tear on the emotions and mind. Our experiences do not define us. We do not own illness or problems. They are merely encouragement to step into a greater depth of awareness.

My dear friend is battling with a diagnosis that requires proactive measures. It is a daily discipline to take inventory of why one wants to exist in the physical world. For her; a quiet, humble soul; she did not realize how many people care about her. She received such an outpouring of love and validation that she would never have received any other way.

No matter what anyone is going through, they have the means to transcend it. Life is about strengthening us, not breaking us. We have all been broken in the past and those times may overwhelm the present. But we are here and present. That tells us that we have sufficed until this point. We have thrived.

We are resilient. We are equipped. We are an infinite source of amazing. We are tapped into a wealth of knowledge and competency beyond the scope of our rationale. We may not get a response by crying out to the infinite sky. Resolve may just always be knocking at an inner door that can only be heard by silencing the mind. By hushing all inner chatter, listening with heightened awareness, one will recognize that inner promptings; like a trail of breadcrumbs; leading the seeker to more Love, Abundance, Joy and Freedom.

See you on the other side of the door!

One Comment on “The Other Side of the Door

Jen Ward
March 1, 2014 at 7:34 am

An update on the friend in the story. She got a clean bill of health from her surgeon. She is going into spring with the optimism of good health.

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