The Notion

I recently had a private session with a very competent man who has kept himself distant from any emotional interactions. It is such a fascinating tendency because he exudes such love and compassion. He attributes it to his father being very strict and unfair. He is a true leader that could improve any group he chooses without the need to be in charge. But he had restlessness in him that he wanted to understand.

His past life opened up slowly. It showed his life as a high-ranking official in the “Church” and later it showed his role as a pope. His name was revealed as well. Later we researched the name that came through and it very much sounded like him. There were many similarities in the two.

In that life, he was considered as close to God as a person could get, but he was not fulfilled. He had fathered children that he did not acknowledge, and he instilled doctrine that confined the freedom of everyone in the church; and because he was so influential, the doctrine he instilled affected the whole world. His father in this lifetime, who was so rigid and unfair, was a perfect reflection of who he was as a world leader.

In his session, we released him of all the chains he had put on “his children”. These were his literal children and all the followers of his faith. We freed him and them of all the confines of the doctrine that he implemented in that lifetime. It was an intense session. It felt like we freed up the “church” from being locked into any doctrine he had instilled. It felt like this session would assist the whole Catholic Church in being more flexible, and actually assist Pope Francis in his mission.

This is a nice notion from a person like me who holds the intention for world peace. But someone who has experienced a great session with me may realize that this is what happened during it. My hope is that it may have unhinged some of the power and control that great forces have held on the world. It’s a nice notion isn’t it?

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