The Light of Your Own Splendor

Sometimes people suffer so much incredible pain and trauma that they curl up in a ball within themselves and wish to be anywhere than where they are. Many times they stay embedded in that position until they can be coaxed out with extreme kindness. It is a process.

If you know someone who is annoying, seems cold, is indifferent, doesn’t try, is clueless, and a project to be around, please be kind to them. Some are just hanging on to the illusion of being normal. Some people are so numb from trauma and abandonment. Some people are so covered in emotional scars that it restricts their movement.

Send love to every soul that has been crushed and broken, used and defiled and abused beyond recognition. Pour a balm of love into every cracked vessel and love them to wholeness. Encourage every soul out of the hole of their own indifference and dance with them into the light of their own splendor.

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