The Joy of Waiting

It is a great opportunity when waiting in line or traffic to offer incredible Love to everyone in the same situation as you. Maybe that is the purpose for being “paused” in that moment. Maybe we already have the love pouring through us to give out to others. Maybe when we don’t pour it out the energy backs up in us. This back up of energy could be processed as agitation and eventually anger.

Next time you are waiting….try just pouring incredible love out all around you in compassion to them for not knowing this technique and being caught up in agitation.

Every group that you are a part of is an incredible opportunity to saturate with Unconditional Love. Love is in infinite supply and you will never be depleted by doing this. What stops the flow is switching into the small self and wanting appreciation or favor in any way for your intention.

This technique is a means to elevate all. Think of every group that you are a part of, think of your love as more infinite than the Universe. Saturate every group that you are a member of with Divine Love. That is what I do with my friends on social media. Do you feel my love?

Saturate your family, circle of friends, your work or school, your city, religious affiliation, your nation, your planet and your Universe. The only limitation is how much you can stretch your capacity to do this and how detached that you can stay from the results.

Every time you are “stuck” waiting for something, is an opportunity to uplift all. Your ability to turn any situation into an advantage is a key to personal Mastership.

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