The Importance of an Energy Release

Western Medicine recognizes eleven different systems within the body. Some of them are as follows: the nervous system, digestive, reproductive, vascular…etc.  They are all interdependent.  But the Western Medicine has neglected to incorporate the twelfth system of the body. It is the energy system.

If it’s recognized that all of nature is based on geometry and sacred numbers, it’s easy to make the jump that the components of the human body must be ordered by the same geometry. Therefore it’s obvious that instead of eleven pathways of the body there are twelve.  The twelfth is the Energy system. All the other systems are interdependent on it.

I am a facilitator and supporter of the energy system. I help my clients incorporate their own energy into a functioning, whole organism.  Usually with one remote session the client can feel the energy in their own being reignite. The client may feel energy as warmth or chills or they may register it as a feeling of relaxation or expansiveness.  Hopefully with one session a client gets a better sense of how to experience themselves as an energetic being.

Emotional issues are blockages in the body that prevent its energy from flowing.  The human body is able to heal itself once the blockages are removed.  When we breathe, the body is scanning for issues to correct.  The body is a perfect organism.

I am able to feel energy.  I feel how it flows in someone and I feel where it is backed up. These are emotional blockages.  I feel a client’s unresolved issues like a cloud. In a session the client and I are present together.  In that moment I evoke sounds and am able to help unblock their issues. The sounds are my way of evaporating the emotional issues.  The process is something that others can learn to do and so I believe the process is based on metaphysical techniques.

I truly believe that most issues of dis-ease are either environmental or emotional issues.  That is, it’s important to stop worrying about other people’s issues.  It is a way to bring stress in to your own organism.  It is a good practice for people to concentrate on their own issues and not try to be present with other’s issues.  Until you really know how to release another person’s issues, it is unproductive to have such a close relationship with their issues. Doing so is just a way to distract from your own blockages.

Many times our own emotional blockages may feel like old friends. We are afraid to let go of them because they are comfortable. They feel like a big part of us.  The thought of letting them go is sometimes very scary and so there is no convincing anyone to change. People are vested in their own problems and emotional baggage and won’t give it up until they’re ready.

Usually the only time people want to do a session with me is when they are in a lot of physical or emotional pain. Most of the time it needs to get to the point that the discomfort of not doing a session overrides the thought of letting go of something familiar. Also, many people feel like they were led to do a session with me from something beyond themselves.  I believe it is their own energetic intelligence leading them to a better way of life.