The Human Holodeck


Each person is like a living, breathing holodeck, that programs its reality as it goes A holodeck is a room from the Sci- Fic TV Show StarTrek-Next Generation. It is a room that you program to have any experience that you desire.. The reality that we see is one that has been programmed for us by past generations of individuals and groups with an agenda. Groups are holodeck too. They exist by collecting the capabilities of individual halodecks and using them to augment their own capabilities.

The problem is that most people don’t realize that they are a holodeck and even if they did, their programming is fixed on antiquated limitations. They are stuck on conformity, mistrust, programmed with rhetoric and idealism that does nothing for their personal growth but allows holodeck groups to use them to support their agenda.

What is wonderful about what is happening in present times is that the programing that the holodecks have been given is so ridiculous and stifling that other holodecks are seeing through the thin facade of being programmed and are opting out. But you can’t tell another holodeck that their programming is obsolete. They will get flustered and will close down even more tightly within the confines of their limitations. They need to believe in the rhetoric and conditioning that they have been allotted, perhaps as a comfort level.

The best way to assist a holodeck that is living a pre-programmed life is through kindness and loving examples of what is possible without the programming. Arguing with them and denying their truth only closes down the confines of their own acceptance and causes them to run a programming with the depth and newness equivalent to the “Three Stooges” reruns. Curly will always be an idiot and Moe will always be bossy.

Live your passion. Live your uniqueness. It pisses off the programming of the limited holodeck. But it is exactly what they need to have their programs refreshed and recalibrate to more Universal Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom, Health and Wholeness and Truth for all.

When you live as an individual and express your highest truth, you are graciously giving millions of other holodeck the silent permission to be happy and Joyful as well. When you are afraid to express your truth or believe in things that the “norm” does not, well, we know you came by that programming honestly. But yes, it is you still being programmed.

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