The Higher Payout


What many people don’t realize is that the energy that I use to assist people is a real deep and internal thing. To switch gears to such an external energy as self promotion is not an option. That is why I believe that those who do the most effective work are overlooked. Because they are not using their energies to promote but to do. That is why I am so grateful when people share my posts. They are doing what I have no extra energy to do.

It would be relatively easy to convert all our energies to popularity or monetary gain. But many of us realize that is not what happiness is about. A balanced life of joy abundance and freedom for all, has a higher payout. It may take longer for the world to be in agreement with this but that is my ultimate goal.

Many of us have been working towards this goal for many lifetimes. I know I have. To see it clearly as a viable possibility, makes it exciting times.

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