The Heart Center

The Heart Center is a real energetic mechanism within the area of our chest. I have perceived it as a huge tumbler like the ones on very old safes; the kind that take two hands to turn. But I was shown that this is not the case with everyone. Some people have a small aperture to gauge how much Love they let in and keep out.

When someone braces, right before someone is going to criticize or insult them, they are closing their heart center. When someone is around someone they love and trust, they have their heart center open. It can be physically painful when one has their heart center open and negativity gets in. This is why it hurts so bad when someone we love criticizes us.

This is what happens when I am doing sessions. I am totally open to help someone, and then they deviate from protocol and insist on talking about their issues. This is shoving their issues into me. I have to push them out really quick. If they continue I have to shut them down. On the surface it may appear that I am very curt, but it is they who have unwittingly violated me.

There is a delicate art to keeping one’s Heart Chakra open especially in society these days. When one talks about their problems, they are trying to get rid of them by shoving them into someone else. More than looking for a sympathetic ear, they are looking for an open heart. A good therapist is one that can appear sympathetic but keep their aperture closed.

I never listen to people’s problems. I help them evacuate all the stagnant energy to a neutral place and then dissipate it. . This is one of the purposes for a private remote session. When someone sets up private sessions with me, it is an agreement that we will meet on neutral terms so that I can assist them in unburdening their own energy system. I also give them an understanding of how to operate and maintain their own energetic system. There is no exchange of energy. There is only mutual respect and detached love.

It is very important for a facilitator of any kind, to keep the exchange one-sided. The way to stay centered as a facilitator is to either keep your aperture closed, or remain at a different vantage point than the client. When there is an equal exchange, it may feel all warm and fuzzy, but the energy can then make a lateral move into the facilitator. A facilitator who gets tired or has health issues may have to tweak how they do things. They made need a good evacuation and assistance in figuring out how the exchange is being made.

Most people are more apt to be too closed than to be too open. Here is a technique to open your Heart Center:

When you feel that criticism is coming, instead of bracing, relax into the criticism and realize that you are okay. This simple trick will feel so against what is ingrained and yet it is so powerful. When ever anyone says anything slightly insulting to you, take it as an opportunity to surrender into the statement. This will be so liberating that you may welcome negative comments in so that you can practice this technique. It is a great one to use at family functions.

In doing this, know that you are safe and Loved and that the Universe supports you.

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