The Golden Rule

If people understood the natural relationship between cause and effect, they would WANT to give to others. Giving to others is the cause, being given to is the effect. Being forced to give, or giving out of obligation, is the wrong idea. Think about giving from a true sense of purpose.

People always ask me what their purpose is. I believe it is to give as much of ourselves as we can to others, through our talents and gifts, while maintaining an absolute balance with the Natural Laws.

Being disconnected from the Natural Laws that govern the universe is the reason there is so much depravity in the world. There are enough people in the world who are cultivating their awareness to reach a tipping point, returning us back to a place of balance in the natural law.

After all the wars and injustices in the world, society is becoming savvy enough to realize that the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”, is the best code of conduct for self-fulfillment. It hasn’t changed in thousands of years, but is now followed as a result of experience and not from blind faith.

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