The Golden Rule

We are not each others’ scapegoats. Just because we are angry with our lives, society, how someone else has treated us, we do not get to inflict our anger upon others. This is pure ignorance. This is what celebrities and famous people have become for others. It is what they have had to put up with as a result of their celebrity status.

Do you like the way political ads sound and feel? Please don’t let them seep into your psyche and affect the way you treat each other. There should be one rule mandated for politicians and social media friends. The Golden Rule should a given,

The Golden Rule is simply to treat everyone the way that you want to be treated. It should include thoughts and dialogue as well. If someone is unkind to me, I block them. Not because they don’t agree with me but because of their mean-spirited approach.

There is a lot of built up hostility in some people. They feel like a pimple on a teenager’s face to me. They are uncomfortable and need expressing. They may try to get relief by attacking others in social media. It is safe for them because they don’t know the person. But it is as real as a physical attack. Please don’t allow it.

It is one thing to have compassion for someone who feels powerless. It is another thing to become a surrogate for the target of their rage. I have become stronger and don’t feel the effects of it as much as I used to. But still, hold the intention of living in a world where one does not need to wear heavy armor simply for showing up and being authentic.

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