The Gift of Engagement

Alternative to Black Friday

In times past, a feast was a celebration at the end of a bountiful harvest. Starvation was a real threat and so when there was plenty to assure the survival through the winter, it was a great accomplishment. Every seed, every plant, every crop and every piece of meat was doted on and slaved over for the survival of the village.

The contrast between the everyday drudgery to survive and the luxury of a feast were indeed extremes. Such victories over mass starvation are a monumental benchmark in the primal memory banks of the collective species of man. That benchmark is what we try to match in the present day gluttony at holiday feasts. We are trying to relive such a glorious triumph of survival.

In the present day, our starting point is not barely surviving. Most of us live without the fear of looming death. So the attempts to illicit such contrast inevitably leads to gluttony. Through gluttony, we are trying to relive that contrast that we felt in the zeal of survival. But what we are really craving is the zeal in living. We see this desperate need for substance triggered in the Black Friday sales. Our primal desire to have adventure and feel alive are being manipulated by the commercial industries to motivate us to spend.

There are organic ways to satisfy the desire for substance other than shopping and overeating. Anything that takes one out of their comfort level will accomplish the same thing. Volunteering, joining, performing and creating are great ways to activate greater enthusiasm for life.
Doing something that one really wants to do but has been putting off can be exhilarating. Sharing a unique point of view and a different side of the personality are both ways to challenge one’s self.

Anything that excites, intimidates, scares or seems impossible will help put someone back into the survival game. In the zoos, they put natural enemy’s cages next to each other because the fear and exhilaration of the other amps up the glandular system and keeps both animals more engaged. They live a longer, healthier life. The gift of engagement is the best gift someone can give to themselves. maybe they can inspire others in the process.

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