The Flaw in Newtonian Time

Newtonian time describes an idea of time marked mainly by movements along a line as continuous units. Each Unit has the same equal value. This framing of time, while useful in physics is not accurate in our daily lives. It causes a great deal of stress upon individuals to align themselves all within this structured confine.

One thing is for certain; as we look around, all individuals are different. They look different, they act different, and they have a unique set of response systems that are based on their overall experience. Since no two individuals have the exact same experience (even identical twins), how stressful must it be to the human psyche to conform in such an intimate way as how they experience their moments.

We all innately know that one minute doing something required is not equal to doing something we love to do for the same minute. Time bends and stretches based on our preferences and choices. If people feel constrained by time, it is because they are. Time should be a gauge for the structure of the day. Time should not be anyone’s taskmaster.

Think of that friend who is always late and doesn’t keep to a schedule. As annoying as they are to us, they are sometimes the most stress free people. We are annoyed because they don’t hold to the same criteria of monitoring time as we do. They disappoint us by ‘wasting” our time yet waltz around free of the frustration that they create by keeping us waiting. Are we really mad at them for keeping us waiting or envious of them for being a little more free of the confines of time than we are?

Think of times in your life when time has bent for you. Have there been times when you can’t sleep and the night just lasts forever? Those last few minutes of work or school until it is time to go home, seem like eternity. Remember as a child waiting for the next holiday? It took forever to arrive. Or on the opposite spectrum when you are doing something you enjoy and the time just flies by. Or you are engulfed in a project and you just lose track of the time.

It is good to get off the time track once in awhile. It is a way to experience more freedom.

In meditation or prayer one is not focused on the time. Maybe that is part of where the relaxation comes from.

Engaging in enjoyable activities is a way to feel the affects of being off the time track.

Being grateful in every moment and focusing on the beauty of it helps free one of the affects of time. Ask yourself what am I experiencing right now that I can be grateful for?

Being around people you enjoy is a means of shifting gears (which is another way of saying to get off the time track).

Be present with those who are totally free of the prison of time. Your pets don’t care at all about what time it is. They are using their body cues to know when it is walk time and dinner time.

Be proactive in attaining more freedom. On a non-workday, forgo structure and just enjoy the day as a free flowing expression of Beingness. If you do that weekly, you will be able to get a better understanding of how to consciously bend time for yourself. You will experience more freedom in your life.