The Fighter

I made a house call to a woman who had received a diagnosis of cancer. I had never met her and knew no details about her. When I met her she seemed vibrant. This was interesting because usually it is obvious to me in a person’s energy when they are struggling with dis-ease.

The first thing I saw in her was how her son was struggling with her diagnosis. He held in his feelings but she and I both knew that it was affecting him. As we talked, she confirmed this.

There were several dynamics in this situation. The first was that she had a sense of being a martyr and was resisting my help. The second was that she knew that my work could benefit her son, so she was receptive. I explained this to her and we did an EFT tap to help: I release being a martyr in all lifetimes.

I saw a few of her lifetimes and knew what she needed to release. She was tortured and killed for secrets that she did not give up. This reinforced her belief that death was a way out. She also was very good at keeping everything in. She needed to release all the energy from all the scenarios where she held it in literally to the death.

She had a great love for her husband but in past lives she had been forced to marry him and felt like a prisoner. These feelings were an undercurrent that were not clearly expressed in this lifetime, but they were bleeding through. She felt pressure to work even though she wanted to just be a mother. This contrast between her life now and the great traumas she endured in past lives set up dis-ease in her.

She released as much as she was able to handle. During sessions people get very tired because of the great energy shift that is happening within themselves. I instructed her through many EFT Affirmations that seemed contradictory of her present relationship with her husband. Some were:

I release hating __________ in all lifetimes.

I release being imprisoned by __________ in all lifetimes.

I release being raped by __________ in all lifetimes.

These were all validating at a very deep level. The other thing that she released is a common one for people with a diagnosis;

I release the belief that God is punishing me, in all lifetimes.

From the vantage point of a facilitator, it was obvious to see that God did not have a hand in her condition but it was a self-created escape valve. The great thing about that awareness is that it takes her out of defeat mode. It allows her to use all of her resilience and fighter qualities that she has to get herself well again.

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