The Difference Between Male Energy and Female Energy

Male energy says, “I have found the way! You must come to me to find it. Don’t tell anyone. They can not handle the truth. They must pay dearly for it. They must come through me because I found it. I am the one!”

Female energy says, “I have been presented with the way. It is marvelous what we are all capable of accomplishing. Here, let me show everyone so that all can benefit. Please share with others so they can benefit as well.” We are all empowered with this truth.

It is my purpose to balance the slate between male and female energy by sharing the truths that male energy has kept hidden from all but a chosen few all through modern history. This is what I do on my page, and this is what we do in the group sessions.

Most people have been trained by male energy to feel helpless and that we have to suck up our fate. That is the great lie. We are empowered, and we always have been. No group can withhold us from our state of Grace unless we give up ownership.

Those in the group sessions are puzzled, as I am, that more do not grab this opportunity to transcend the limiting bonds of the reality that we are force-fed since birth. It shows up in our greatest levels of government. How can anyone govern a nation in integrity when they base their foundation on untruths?

You are invited to join us. There may be resistance because we all have been conditioned to accept such limiting concepts, that the truth of our own capabilities seems daunting. But that is everyone’s crux to overcome. I can not make the process of accepting one’s empowerment any more simple or clear.

Those who attend my group sessions say that they are changed people because of them. These dynamic individuals, with busy lives, choose to show up five times a week, for the last five months to partake in what we do. That in itself is a testimony. Would you like to get rid of the issues that bog you down, or those feelings of being railroaded by life? If you want to be happy in your own skin, these group sessions may be just the thing.

Or if you want to contribute to the world being a better place, these group sessions are helpful beyond measure. We work diligently in untangling the energetic issues of the world so that all can live in a greater state of grace. If you doubt this, join us and experience it for yourself.

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