The Depressed Parakeet

I once facilitated a session for a parakeet that was losing her feathers. She was terribly depressed about not being a free bird. She desperately wanted to be back in the jungle with all her friends. It was very sad. She was making herself sick. She wanted to die and be born back into the wild.

I tried to console her by showing her how she was learning by being around people. It was tough love for a little bird.  She begged to be back in the jungle. I did what I could to release her angst and tune her into the energy of the jungle. I suggested her humans play jungle sounds for her to listen to and to get pictures of the jungle to decorate the cage.

Her health returned somewhat for a while but she soon got sick and died. It was her way to gain freedom. I only hope that other caged birds are a little more satisfied with their lot in life. The thought of all pet birds being this unhappy is too hard to bear.

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