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The Cycle of You

A manifestation of a pure expression
Emanating from a pure blend of Light and Sound
A breath from an ancient source
forming a parabola from an ethereal wand
that bubbles to form
A pure Loving Intention
A compilation of experiences and memories
A vibrant ball of emotional energy
rolling upon itself
Building in intensity…
until it bursts forth
To be encapsulated in a casing of flesh
You are a dream manifested
Once you were subjective
until you enmeshed  in the tangible world of matter, energy, space and time
Weighted down by their illusions
Wistful of the winged expression of “You” before form
The embedded purity of Divine Love
Always speaking in your ear
With ultimate truth tugging at your heart chords
Biding time, building stamina
Consciously lightening your repertoire
Heaving away chunks of illusion
Until the you transcends the mundane indifference
Make “Light” of your presence
Song of your Essence
Emanate from within
Carry yourself away on one simple strain of melodious love
into the Higher Realms
As a Conscious Soul

Jen Ward 12/18/13

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