The Cursed Spear

A pawn shop owner called me in distress. The doors in his house were slamming shut and the lights were flickering off and on. He was a strict Catholic but he was very scared. While he was on the phone, I energetically scanned his shop and perceived a couple troubled areas.

I described a particular corner where I felt darkness. He said that when they moved in, that was the spot that had a pentagram painted on the wall. I also felt that there was a spear that had a curse on it. He objected because it belonged to his dear friend who just died of a quick-moving disease. He did not see the correlation between the curse and his friend’s death and wanted to keep the spear.

In preparing to go visit the shop, I felt a twinge of fear. But then my guides explained how to protect myself by making my Love so great that in comparison, the fear was very small. I visualized making my love as big as a star that was a million times bigger than our sun. The fear became smaller and smaller until it disappeared.

When I went to the shop, I cleansed the energy of the place and did much clearing. The last thing I addressed was the spear. I laid it on the floor and sat next to it. I went into contemplation to figure out what to do.

As I closed my eyes I was immediately catapulted into a dry, hot terrain. It was either an African or Australian outback. In front of me was a very angry shaman of some kind. He was pretty wiry with very tanned skin, a beard and was wearing only a loin cloth. His anger and energy were palpable. He had his spear in attack mode and he was staring me down with intense eyes, ready to strike.

Because of the inner guidance I receive, I did not flinch. I stood there in front of him with my offering of incredible love. We stood there for what seemed like both forever and merely an instant. Very deliberately and slowly he methodically withdrew his spear and walked away. The curse was removed.

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