The Coat That You Wear



Power tried to pull love down

By hanging on its coat

Love took off the garb it didn’t need

That pulled upon its throat


Power put on the jacket

It pretended to be good

Everyone hung on its every word

As power hoped they would


Power made a factory

To mass produce the coats

All strutted around and puffed themselves up

Which added to their bloat


After a while, they looked around

Realized they had been had

With everyone pretending to be love

Left all in power feeling bad


With everyone drunk with power

The bar had been lowered to the floor

There was just a petty existence

Love wasn’t around any more


Everyone now wore power suits

It had become the trend

No one remembered how to be themselves

They had thread bare coats to mend


Until a few brave adventurous souls

Peeled their overcoats off

They dreaded more a loveless life

Than how society would scoff


They realized immediately

How their coat had weighed them down

Now they had their freedom

They floated off the ground


The moral of the story is

If you are feeling in despair

It isn’t because you aren’t worthy of love

It may be the coat you wear.


Jen Ward

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