The Binge Technique

You know when it’s going to happen. There is a primal urge to just fill yourself – like a voracious hole that the food (or whatever indulgence) is filling. The void is bigger than you. It is created by an experience in your past, when a group of you starved or plummeted together. Pain, guilt, fear and other trauma are mixed with the hunger.So consciously feed everyone when you satiate the craving.

If you want to turn it into a positive experience, consciously feed everyone when you satiate the craving.

Visualize whatever you ingest as being magnified as it passes through you and feeding masses of people. If you are eating, magnify the food to feed a starving village. If you are quenching a thirst, magnify the drink to quench all the thirsty beings in the world. If you are laying wrapped in a cozy bed for what seems like way too long, magnify the experience of warmth and loving comfort to nurture all the homeless love-starved, cold beings in the world.

Everything that you do, magnify it in your mind to be bigger than life. Satiate the masses with your experiences. We are all interconnected. Don’t visit guilt on everyone by feeling guilty about some trivial issue within yourself. Use whatever is at your disposal to uplift all and take the focus off of the limitations of the petty self. Help everyone feel the Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom, Health, Success, and Wholeness that you do. It is all in perspective.

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