The Atlantis Jewelry Shop

In a different time, jewelry was not merely a decoration. The people of different lands realized that gems, minerals and crystals all had different properties. They were only allowed to wear the properties that reflected and complemented their skill-set. Everyone would know what a person was worth by what jewelry they were able to wear. People in power would wear many items to instill awe in their people. That is why jewelry was considered so valuable then, it reflected one’s abilities and talents to the community, or displayed power. In the present day, the importance of jewels is remembered but has digressed to being a relatively crude display of accumulation of wealth.

I went into a local jewelry store last year. They were in the basement of an old house that was set up as a mall. They had pieces that were designed to complement the energy of a person. When I walked in, it felt like I was back in Atlantis. There was a feeling of Lemuria as well. I saw the past life memories of the shop. The shop had no people in it and it seemed secretive. In Atlantis and Lemuria times, it was a shop that catered to empowering everyday people with the energetic stones that reflected their abilities.

It existed as an underground place it those societies. It was serving humanity by giving the jewelry to those who had the gifts and abilities to use them to assist others. It was supplying a great service. It was empowering truth and divinity in its own way. I saw in both societies, the shop owner was closed down and the owner and workers were dealt with harshly. This fear and a slight paranoia was reflected in the present day scenario.

I wanted to share my insights with them so that they could move on from the past experience and be successful. I explained to the shop keeper how the energy was blocked from people finding the place. She got very reactive and fearful and did not want to hear it. She became terrified that I would assist. I reassured her that I would not. Her reaction reaffirmed the past life images that were shown to me. It was too bad. The shop, like individuals can move beyond their old conditioning to have new and enriching experiences.

I believe the shop has closed since then.

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