The Aloe’s Gift

I was at a friend’s house and she wanted to be helpful so she offered me a piece of aloe from her plant to soothe some sunburn. She said that she got a nudge that the aloe plant wanted to help me. I felt its kindness soak into my skin and bring relief.

Before I left, my friend asked if I wanted to take a couple of stalks off the aloe with me. The Aloe plant spoke to me immediately.

Don’t offer what is not yours to give!

I relayed the message. She realized what she had done immediately.

The gift was given from the aloe plant. Its essence was its gift to offer. The human, with the habitual arrogance that humans have, offered up the plant with no thought to its well-being. When we can hear the whispering of others, isn’t that validation enough to regard them with love and respect?

My friend received a great gift in that reminder.

That night my friend had an exchange with the aloe plant. It told her that if she was going to take something from someone who she needed to give something back in return. This is actually a very basic yet profound spiritual law.

The next day, she placed a red flower in the Aloe’s pot. The debt was satisfied and it was content.

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