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Physical and Emotional Healing Felt Immediately and Intensely

Jen, working with you was unlike healing work that I’ve done in the past. Usually the changes I experience are modest, but our session together was exceptional. You were able to access important, relevant, and meaningful elements of my pain and resistance to life. By doing so you gently guided me in releasing those pain attachments and opening me up to more love, compassion and acceptance of myself and others. I already feel it. The healing was felt physically, in that you released a chronic pain condition in my right hip. I now feel freedom in my hip that I haven’t felt in years. It was also emotional, and I was able to touch of feelings of deep love and acceptance for myself, my husband and other family members. I feel stronger and more empowered as a woman in the world after our work together. My heart feels more open and I feel as if it’s okay to trust life, perhaps for the first time as an adult. Your work is important, Jen. I’m so thankful that you share your gifts with us! I’m grateful to say my husband is also eager to have a session with you!

Table Tennis Breakthrough

My competing in table tennis is a good measure of how I am doing in my body.  I’ve competed twice since our session, and much to my delight I played very well.  I defeated in straight games some excellent players who used to “own” me.  I was operating from a new place.  Previously, I felt like I was too old, too weak, too slow and without enough endurance.  Just in this past week I “discovered” how to play more efficiently, with less effort, and with more flow.  Instead of using maximum effort I’ve approached it using far less effort and better technique which allows me to operate with less friction, more ease, more time to react, and more choices.  Using less effort means I didn’t tire out.  And shall I go on?  My awareness stayed more within myself and less concerned about what my opponent might try to do to me.  I competed with peacefulness without the anxiety of failing.

This is breakthrough stuff.  Seems to be more than just a coincidence that my session with you was just 4 days ago.

Jen is what her website states:

-a “genuine healer” (or in terms of her website Jenuine Healing). I have been in contact with Jen for a couple of years, both in person and via e-mail and telephone. Although most people might not believe that she could connect with you through e-mail or telephone, I can say that her gifts are so incredible that she absolutely can! Whether I am having trouble with school, relationships, work or anything that seems to be bringing me down, she helps me to find the root of the problem in my personal energy. She gives me words of advice, as well as techniques to help my energy to flow in its natural state, so that I can return back to feeling content with my life. After speaking with her, not only does my mind feel a release, but my actual, physical body does as well. I feel lighter, my mind feels clearer and I am collected both mentally and physically. I feel so incredibly fortunate to have been able to work with Jen and her incredible gifts. She has time and time again, helped me to lift up my own spirits and to establish myself as a well and energetic person and I am forever grateful.   ~Shanna, Syracuse University

Dear Jenuine

I am so fascinated by how accurate you are with your communication. You have been a true blessing in helping me see things a lot more clearly around me.
Your feedback has really inspired me to look forward. You truly have a wonderful gift in the way you help people trying to find themselves, in a very complex world.
I truly recommend  your spiritual words. Blessings to you, Patricia Kennedy, England

Release of Past and Gathering The Love

I want to share my  gratitude, experience, and enthusiasm for your gift of healing; it is by every means unique! I had decided about a week before my session that this was something I needed, albeit I had no clue as to how it worked; I believed in the ability of jenuinehealing. A few days before my session, I felt a warm inside both my ears, especially the one where I have a ruptured ear drum; I knew that somehow this was working for me already.

Once the session started, I felt an energy field around my whole body, all through until the end of the session, and afterward as well.  I had excruciating pain in my lower back bone, and right leg, and I’m glad to say a few hours later it’s still gone! I have gathered a lot of stuff through my own personal life, as most of us have, and I’m glad to say that jenuinehealing was able to completely shed a new light on all those things, helping me to articulate my soul’s desires in oneness with my being (for which I am so very grateful).  With your help, I know I am on the path.

What I have to say to someone else, try it and love yourself!

Jupiter the Dog Returns Home

Hi Jen – I just wanted to tell you thank you so much for helping to bring Jupiter back home. You said to leave all the lights on and we did – you sensed what would happen and it happened just like you said. You truly have a gift and if there is anything I can do for you, please let me know.

Thanks again for your help.

Freedom from Fears

Jenuine has been to me a friend, mentor and confidant and most of all she has been a Healer. This is very complicated but I am going to try and put it into terms that most everyone can understand. I was anxious, worried about my marriage, worried about infertility, worried about close family members. Jen was able to help me by energetically healing my fears and breaking up barriers that I held within myself. I was able to fly from New York to California to have a surgery that every other doctors said would not work for me (Jen, said it would work). Guess what? I was fine on the plane both going and coming back thanks to her giving me a release from that fear of flying. I had the surgery and it was a success. I also had pelvic pain which she was able to release BY PHONE!!! I felt a warmth in my lower back and then a heated energy running thru my middle, it was AMAZING. The pain Absolutely went away and has not been back. My anxiety has been minimized and she has helped me to remember the tools that I have to help me on this journey through life. What I love most about Jen is that she doesn’t do these healings, releases to make you lean on her. She doesn’t want to be a crutch. Instead she is a bridge between your old self and the new self waiting to be unfolded. She does the releases with you and you become stronger and she helps you recognize your own healing tools as well as giving you new ones. She wants to make you aware that you are a Master and you can help yourself and then be a gift to others. What she does is a gift and I believe she is doing work directly for God. I trust her work so much that she also worked on both of my daughters.

Feeling Lighter and More Carefree

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Jen. She is very gifted and has an amazing ability to touch on the things that are bothering you. I’ve only done one session with her but am certainly going back to her in the future. In one hour she told me so many things about myself and my life that were dead on and she helped me to release some negative situations. I walked out of our session feeling lighter and more carefree than I’ve felt in a long long time. As a huge added bonus, she took away a really bad physical pain I had been having with my hip for several months. It was almost magical. Jen is a very gifted person with something very special. I feel like she is my friend now and I look forward to more sessions in the future. I can not recommend her more highly. I tell anyone who will listen to me how much she helped me and I think everyone should go spend time with her.

Financial Relief

I had one session on my birthday with Jen, and it turned my life around. I was in a bad way financially and that in turn made me depressed and I was suppressing everything as a whole. Jen did a session on the phone with me to make me feel physically better, and even did a financial healing. The very next day, my husband changed jobs and was able turn us around 180 degrees financially. We are now out of debt, and have even been able to do many needed home repairs. Truly after one session, it is amazing.

Insightful and Compassionate

Jen Ward is great to work with—amazingly insightful and compassionate! I expect to see her on Oprah one day soon!  ~Alyssa Foos

Feeling Alive again

I met Jen in December and shortly after she did a phone session with me for energy release. I was extremely disheartened by the recent events and had lost faith in everything, especially myself. After Jen worked with me in releasing stagnant energy I felt alive again. Now when I fall into the ‘Why me’ scenario I take a step back and remember the advice she gave me and immediately regain the spring in my step.

Recently my darling cat had been gone for nearly an entire work week and I was fearing the worst. I emailed Jen and within the hour she responded giving me a detailed locating of where he may be. I searched long and hard, put up flyers, etc. I was starting to lose heart but Jen continued to insist that he was alive and a little hungry but nothing serious. The third day was coming to an end and Jen’s words started to elude me. But with in ten minutes of my return home I hear a ‘meow-meow-meow!’ Outside.

Since his return he is more adoring than he was before and it is my belief that something inside of Ms. Jen Ward touched something inside of him because without a doubt she has touched me in more ways than she will ever know and her ever humble response of ‘You’re Welcome’ never ceases to amaze me. I love you Jen and thanks!

Happier, Lighter and Uplifted

No words could ever express my thoughts and the heartfelt appreciation and gratitude that I have for Jen Ward.  Jen has helped me with all aspects of my life, as well as all of my relationships with other people and God.  I was bogged down with stress, anxiety, anger, sadness, and depression, but now, thanks to Jen, I feel happier, lighter, and uplifted!  Jen’s knowledge, experience, and insight is amazing, and the realm of her help is priceless.  Jens’ unique gifts and style have affirmed my belief, faith and trust in God, for she is truly a God-send.

Very simply put: Jen can enhance a person’s quality of life and relationships in a positive way!  ~Diane Marano, Kingsport, TN

Working with the Highest Principles

From my experience Jen works with the highest principles to help clear out what’s ready to be released and replace it with love.  As a result I can feel like a new person expanded, refreshed, and more and more loving to all.  For me her work is a gift.  ~ Engineering Manager, CA

Aching Heart Relieved

The pain of a life circumstance that I have recently experienced was physically and mentally unbearable.  I found myself feeling like I would have to live with the pain forever.  I know that it is something that will never be easy but after talking to Jen, my soul and inner being are freed of that intense repetitive pain.  I have in essence moved through the aching in my heart.  With Jen’s help I released it from my soul.  The pain vibrated through me and out, that intense hurt was set free into the universe.  It has been since the end of March that I had my life changing session with Jen and I have called her since as a kind of maintenance and would continue to call her if need be.  It has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself and would recommend for anyone to believe in the power of this life changing gift Jen has.

Becoming My Own Person

I just wanted to let you know that since my session with you my life has been truly amazing.  I am full of so much happiness, optimism and hope and it’s like my heart is so free. And recently, I have just been presented with all these amazing opportunities and I feel like I am finally doing what you said and becoming my own person.  Thank you so much, because you have really allowed me to open up to like something that seems like a new world.  I cannot wait to come see you again!  ~College Student, Syracuse University

Lost Cat

No words could ever express my thoughts and feelings for the heartfelt appreciation and gratitude that I have for Jen Ward.  Jen has helped me with all aspects of my life, as well as all of my relationships with other people and God.  I was bogged down with stress, anxiety, anger, sadness, and depression, but now, thanks to Jen, I feel happier, lighter, and uplifted!  Jens’ knowledge, experience, and insight is amazing, and the realm of her help is priceless.  Jen’s unique gifts and style have affirmed my belief, faith and trust in God, for she is truly a God-send.  The first time I spoke with Jen I was amazed about how much she knew about me and my personality without even knowing me.  She has helped me to heal from past trauma. She has increased my spirituality and my window to the world.  Recently my cat of 5 years , Rembi, was missing. We went out day after day searching for him and to no avail.

I started thinking the worst. Then I called Jen. She told me my cat was still alive, and missing me, but was disoriented. She used her abilities and was able to communicate with my cat.  Nine days later my Rembi shocked me when he returned home.  He had lost weight and was weak, but he had enough energy to find his way back home! It was truly a miracle!  My life is better with Jen in it, and I have yet to meet her.  She has become my rock. She is extremely generous and thoughtful.  Jen is an amazing person with incredible abilities and my life is better because of her.  ~Joni Thompson

Amazed By Her Gift

I just finished an energy healing session with Jen and I am amazed by her gift. Throughout the session I felt several releases of negative energy at different times. Jen would say something related to the release of this energy which was true & there’s no way she could’ve known these things about me. The session really helped & I felt increasingly better. By the end of the session I felt a sense of amazement and bliss that cannot be imagined or manipulated by anyone unless it is real. I feel relieved by the burden of the negative energy I was holding and feel free of it to live my life in the state of grace I began in.