Terrorized to Death

Recently I had a private session with a regular client. It is difficult to convey the sense I get about someone when I connect with them but today, I was feeling a void in this client. It was a disconnect. She is one of the most sensible women I know but the word that came through was crazy. I picked up that her husband called her crazy sometimes and ignored her when she was feeling a particular form of needy. The lifetime that this triggered in her opened up to me.

It was her night to die. It was planned. Everyone knew it but her. The scene was a jungle village at night. There was an erupting volcano in the background. It seemed to be some spiritual significance to it. She was led along a path and then her companions disappeared. She was in the woods alone and selected tribesmen arrived in voodoo masks. It was their job to terrorize her. The purpose was to terrify her to death so that they could trap her essence in terror and use it to perpetuate fear and control over others.

When her husband called her crazy or ignored her, he had no idea what trauma he was triggering. We have all endured so much. We all have a rich cornucopia of spiritual lessons. We are all well-rounded and wiser for them. It is time to be kind and give souls the respect that they have earned for their resilience.

Isn’t it time to withdraw anything but kindness from the world? I know for myself, kindness is all I can bear.

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