Teleconference Number Two!

The topics for Teleconference Number Two will be: Food, Money and Relationships

Join “The Jenuine Initiative” and Jen Ward, LMT for a unique interactive group healing session involving sound therapy, cranial taps and affirmations.


Shift back into love and your highest potential
Release fear and clear stagnant energy
Be empowered and confident in your life
Support the enlightenment of others + the world

REGISTER HERE: (note: if you registered for the last call you can use the same number)


  • All Are Welcome!
  • Suggested donation of $10-$50.
  • Donations may be made at
  • There is a spiritual Law that states that every gift must be paid for in full. Nothing is free. The energy work seems to be much more effective when there is a true appreciation and an energy exchange for the gifts received. When there is a value assigned to the session’s worth, then they seem to work more exponentially.
  • There is a donate button on my site where people can sign up and make a donation. When someone connects, I can get a sense of them and the group dynamic more and can more easily tune into their needs and what needs to be released.
  • I spend most of my time uplifting others with sessions and my personal work for the planet and it’s components in general. Many who know me get a sense of what I am working to achieve and want to support in some way. This encouragement is greatly appreciated and it helps me do greater work The donations free more of my attention for global issues and don’t have to distract from the work.

About Jen

Jen is a Reiki Master, Psychic, Medium, Empathic and she is considered a Sangoma, a traditional African Shaman who channels their ancestors, emoting sounds and vocalizations in their ceremonies.

Our Challenge and Opportunity

Many people feel helpless about the future and feel disconnected from their own power. Love and a pure intention are our base and the key to our own potential. The more we shift into our own orbit of Love and release all that fear and dis-ease that prevents us from reaching our own potential, the more we free those around us. When we free ourselves, we send out a ripple effect to free others. The more we intend to free ourselves as a surrogate to uplift humanity, the more difference we can make to the lives of all humanity. We are only limited by our own belief system. Also, many are now moving forward in fear of the future, this fear in itself sends out a rippling effect that is not beneficial or necessary. The more people are able to relax and be comfortable in regards to the future, the more healing it is for the planet and all its inhabitants.

Who will benefit from joining the teleconference?

Anyone who:

  • is feeling anxious or fearful about the future
  • has been exposed to alternative practices and beliefs.
  • believes they have untapped talents in regards to healing or alternative practices.
  • feels intuitive or psychic
  • realizes that we are all interconnected
  • believes we have the ability to uplift humanity with our intention,
  • is receptive to change
  • is interested in assisting in some grassroots energetic way
  • feels victimized by present conditions
  • wants a better world for their loved ones
  • wants to become more sensitive to energy work
  • in all sincerity, wants to be a Light Worker
  • is called to attend and gets a good feeling or nudge at the thought of assisting.


In private remote sessions, I tune into the individual and know what they need to release to shift back into their own potential. The changes may seem subtle to some but most report drastic improvement in their lives. When I work with a group, I tune into what the group needs to release and I lead them through cranial taps combined with affirmations and my assistance pulls out tremendous amounts of stagnant energy and promotes positive changes. I use sounds to assist in moving energy. They seem strange at first but once the correlation between the sounds and the releases is realized, the sounds seem very satisfying.


I will be doing the same thing for a group of people who chose to gain greater empowerment and also be surrogates for those around the world and humanity itself. Some people are so terrified with change and the possibility of the future that those of us who have a better understanding that we are not victims of the future, are able to assist. With myself, I feel compelled to help others move forward and feel it is my main purpose for being on this earth at this time. These teleconferences are a continuation of my global outreaches to alleviate the jolt of moving forward in the future.

I am compelled to educate the masses. They have the power to enlighten the planet and move forward with enthusiasm and joy. The more I am able to work with others, the more people in general will realize the potential of the future. They are, and can be even more, exciting and uplifting times. I would Love everyone to experience that with me.


In doing this work, we are not attempting to sway others opinions, lifestyle choices, or political views in any way. This would be in direct violation of Spiritual Law. In doing healing sessions for the planet, it is important to get the personal self out of the way. That means that one suspends all opinions, beliefs and assertions. These all get in the way for being a clear channel for Divine Love.


Jen Ward, LMT, is a Reiki Master, Psychic, Medium, and Empathic. She is an intuitive and gifted healer, and an innovator of healing practices. She is at the leading edge of energy work, providing a loving segue for her techniques to clients, enabling them to cross the bridge of self-discovery with her into realms that they couldn’t possibly reach alone. . Her passion is to empower the individual in their own healing journey so that they can remain in their center every step of the way.

While attending the Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage, she was first introduced to energy work. It soon became second nature for her to help identify and remove energy blocks from clients. She is highly proficient at tuning into an individual’s specific needs to release their issues, allowing their own body to make the energetic changes necessary to return to a greater sense of ease. Her ability to move and shift energy, and pick up many different modalities as second nature is another aspect of her profound gifts.

Jen is considered a Sangoma, a traditional African Shaman who channels their ancestors, emoting sounds and vocalizations in their ceremonies. An interesting prerequisite to being a Sangoma is to have survived the brink of death. When Jen was first approached with the knowledge of being a Sangoma, she had not yet fulfilled this prerequisite.

However, in April 2008, when she came back to society on the brink of starvation as a result of traumatic involuntary imprisonment, the qualification had been met. She returned to the world of humanity a devout soul inspired to serve.
Her special abilities have also allowed her to innovate a revolutionary technique for finding lost pets by performing an emotional release on the animal. Using this method, she has successfully reunited many lost pets with their owners.

Jen currently works as a long-distance emotional release facilitator, public speaker and consultant. Her special modality encompasses a holistic overview of her clients from all vantage points, including their physical, emotional, causal and mental areas, ultimately benefiting their work, home, family and especially spiritual lives.

Her main focus presently is preparing individuals and groups for the shifts in consciousness that are currently taking place and releasing the presently held fear of the looming 12/12 global shifts.